Networking, HR, and Collaboration for Film & TV

Walkie keeps the film & television community connected and working.

A Working Community for Film & TV

Walkie is a social collabrotion tool for the film & television industry. It helps you network, makes onboarding crews easier, and allows fluid collaboration from office to field.


Build a network of film and television professionals.

Crew Up

Find available, qualified crew as needed.


Collaborate from anywhere securely and in realtime.

Detailed Profiles

Let everyone know you’re ready to work. Film & TV professionals can fill out detailed profiles that include contact information, skills and availability. Additional profile options can include union affiliation, residency documents, and work compliance documents.
Residency Docs
Walkie can securely store your residency and compliance documents so that you can share them with productions as needed. It saves you time, it saves accounting time, and it keeps everything secure.

Professional Community

Let’s say your usual camera operator takes off to go motorcycling through Nepal – you can hop on the Walkie Directory and see who else is available!  Everyone who’s signed up can share their basic profile, and you can search by skill, location or keyword. Easily find experienced crew to fit any need.
Learn About the Directory
Walkie is designed to work how film and television productions work. It’s a collaboration tool that’s built on the foundation of a community, connecting you to other professionals and helping you build a productive network. Producers can crew up by reaching out through the Walkie network, and crew can let everyone know when they’re available. Using Walkie’s messaging and social features you can stay in touch before, during, and after production.

Track Progress

Check in with crew in realtime, share files, ideas, and notes.

Crew Up

Anyone in the Directory can be added to a project.

Create Projects and Manage Crews

From the production office to the field, pre to post, Walkie can keep you on track. Share documents, photos, and updates in real time.
Mobile and Desktop
Walkie is available on desktop browsers and mobile devices (coming soon). That way you can stay in touch no matter where you are. Send location photos to the production office, send out schedule updates or new pages, or even broadcast news to the entire crew.

Mobile Apps

Film and television crews are always on the go, and Walkie can go with you (coming soon).

Google Drive & Dropbox

Share files directly from Google Drive and Dropbox, and take advantage of their versioning.

Note to Self (or others)

Channels in Walkie are for more than just messaging. They’re like shared notepads. You can format text to give them structure, use rich media embedding to share AV files, and set up groups to organize departments and topics.
Channel features
  • rich media embedding
  • embedded task lists
  • markdown formatting
  • drag and drop file sharing
  • group and direct messaging
We’re sticklers for security. Firtsly, Walkie’s a project tool built on a social network, not an advertising company built on a social network, so we don’t need to know what you’re up to.

To that end all messages are encrypted end to end using TLS and AE256 encryption. Our network partners are HIPAA Compliant, SOC 2 Type II Compliant, Privacy Shield certified, and GDPR compliant

Walkie Is Available By Invitation

Walkie is a collaborative community for film and television professionals. Sign up and we'll add your name to the list.


Networking, HR, and collaboration for film & television..

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